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From our customers...

Having recently purchased a house with temperamental electrical gates I wanted something more robust and reliable with service to back it up.

…Alec is your man.

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Having recently added a puppy to the family, opening and closing the gates manually 15+ times a day became hard work!

We decided we wanted to change the gates and take the opportunity to also automate them.

…Highly recommend Alec and the service he provides. He is very knowledgable about the range of available solutions and is obviously a very experienced fitter.

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Our objective was to have a single automatic gate for entry to the property for security purposes.

We would recommend Alec to others to do any electrical work to automatic gates and security.

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Where to begin

You don't need to be a a professional installer to find the gates you want.

We are here to help. The aim of our website is to inform you about every aspect of your purchase until you are confident to purchase.

If you have never purchased gates before or are unsure of the lingo, we have you covered. If you cant find what you were looking for contact us and we will fill in the gaps.

But what about cost?

What is the main question we all want to know when making a significant financial investment, obviously, what does it cost?

Due to the custom nature of our products and services it isn’t always possible to give exact figures on our website but we aim, wherever possible, to demystify the costs. If we can, we will.

We have found that for an average installations requirements, a manual gate installation is around £4,500 to £6,500 including VAT and a gate installation with automation is between £8000 and £12,000 including VAT.

Call us today and we can discuss your requirements. We will also arrange a free site survey at which time you can get to know us. Further to our visit you will receive your quotation, all before there is any commitment from you.

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