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Make your home your castle

Be content in the knowledge that your property will remain secure whether you’re home or away.

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Gate Styles

The right gates will add a deterrent, an obstacle and a privacy screen to your property.

To achieve defensive strength you shouldn’t need to sacrifice aesthetic charm. Let us show you how.

There are a number of design choices from ornate wood construction to mixed media builds with frosted acrylic windows.

Be honest! Do you always close your gates?

The security and privacy benefits of property gates rely on proper use and this can be a breeze when paired with our automated installations.

Whether it’s the long walk down the driveway or another rain storm, there is always a reason to avoid closing your gates. With electric gates it is all taken care of automatically, every time.

We have created a number of packages depending on your needs, which can be found on our Automations page. They range from the most simple to the most featured.

Automation Benefits:

  • E24/7 access control
  • EGlobal access alerts
  • EPush button or keypad access
  • EAudio/visual intercoms
  • EPedestrian mode
  • ESchedules access routines
  • ESmart phone app control

The gates work really well, the movement is smooth, the timing (how long they remain open) is good, and the sensors that open the gates as we approach in the car are effective.

The look of the new gates has been retained too (no visible arms etc.) all hidden away from view. Post installation, I had a couple of questions on using the app and Alec responded straight away. There are lots of available functions such as setting time limited codes or phone numbers for allowing one-off access etc. which actually have been useful already for allowing access to our cleaner on a scheduled weekly basis.

John Rollings

Complimentary Products


Leave no place to hide.

Take this opportunity to reduce a criminals ability to occupy the grounds of your home unseen.


Unannounced guests or unwanted pests.

Keep yourself safe and in control with the ability to monitor your property access by adding one of our audio or video intercom’s to your electric gates.


“It’s a long drive home to check…”

Never have the safety of your home on your mind again. With a CCTV system you don’t have to be limited by just the camera at your gates. Keep an eye on your home at any time or place from the comfort of your phones screen.